ceramic artist, painter, architect

Adil Writer is a Potter, Ceramist, Painter and Architect from Bombay, currently living and working in Auroville, where he is a partner at Mandala Pottery which produces functional tableware and assorted ceramic items, and also specializes in architectural ceramic murals & installations. From his own Studios at Mandala, he creates his own line of ceramic works.

adil writer adil writer adil writer adil writer adil writer
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PLANET-GAUDI TREASURE BOXES on show at the Member's exhibition / Ceramics in Architecture at the IAC conference in Barcelona 2016

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….. a senor Gaudi decided that architecture needed no straight lines in plans, sections or elevations. His magical hold on architectural wannabes reached out to me in India …crept first into my own architecture, and later into my claywork. "The Path Less Taken" is a Gaudiesque serpentine installation in the landscape of a luxury hotel in Chennai, that is a massing of over 500 ceramic treasure boxes speaking of the ying and the yang, …of the plus and the minus, …of man, our environment and interdependence. This is one of several installations of contemporary, high-fired clay that have been brought out into India's public domain by ceramist Ray Meeker and curator, Rajeev Sethi. Senor would approve!


Adil Writer

adil writer ceramic intallation adil writer ceramic installation
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