ceramic artist, painter, architect

Adil Writer is a Potter, Ceramist, Painter and Architect from Bombay, currently living and working in Auroville, where he is a partner at Mandala Pottery which produces functional tableware and assorted ceramic items, and also specializes in architectural ceramic murals & installations. From his own Studios at Mandala, he creates his own line of ceramic works.


} Bachelor of Architecture, Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Bombay.
} Master of Architecture, University of Houston, Texas, USA.      
} Architect at Gensler & Associates, San Francisco, California, USA.
} Associate Architect at Talati & Panthaky Pvt. Ltd., Bombay.
} Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry, India, with Ray Meeker and Deborah Smith.
} Since 2001, partner at Mandala Pottery, Auroville, India. (Production and studio pottery)
} Member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva

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Selected Exhibitions

Indian Ceramics Triennale, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, India
'Porcelain 2018', Blue Pottery Trust, Delhi, India
'Animal, Planet.' Art and Soul Gallery, Mumbai, India


World Ceramic Art & Craft Biennale, Vichte, Belgium
'Sentinels', solo show, cermaic & paintings, The Cube Gallery, Goa, India

'Ceramic symposium Barcelona', el torn - international hub of ceramics, Barcelona

“In Collaboration”, duo show with Laxma Goud, Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai

“Ceramic Spectrum”, The Cube Gallery, Goa. (group show, mixed media participation)


 “Six by Six”, an Indo-Australian group show at Stepping Up, Australian Triennial, Canberra.

“Ceramic Connect”, an Indo-Korean group show, INKO centre, Chennai.

“Touching Earth, Soaring Skies”, Terra Forma Gallery, New Delhi (ceramic group show)

“What is Auroville?” Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai (Mixed media group show)

“Codes”, Dakshinachitra Gallery, Chennai. (duo-show of painted media)

“4 Expressions of Auroville”, Apparao Galleries, Chennai. (group show, ceramic & paintings)

"Chess", Apparao Galleries, New Delhi.(group show)

“International Ceramic Exchange”, Naori, S. Korea (group show)

“Shades of Grey”, Gaya Design Centre, Bali, Indonesia (solo, ceramics and batik)

“Bridges”, Stainless Gallery, New Delhi. (group ceramic show)

“Secrets & Lies”, Gallery Art & Soul, Bombay. (Solo, ceramics & painted media)

“Indian Pavilion”, Fule International Ceramic Art Museum, Fuping, China)

"Traditions Evolving", NCECA conference, Houston, USA. (Ceramic group show)

“The Bucket Show”, Forum Gallery, Chennai. (International group show)

"4 Continents Ceramic Exhibition", The Studio Gallery, Yallingup, W Australia

"Collection from Sasama", Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Mino, Gifu, Japan.(group show)

"Qalam-Atma International Calligraphy Exhibition, Jaipur. (ceramic participation)

"Art On Sunday", Petite Ferme, Auroville (solo show, paintings & ceramics)

"International Group Show", Gallery Hu, Nagoya, Japan.

"Jeff Shapiro & Friends", Kala Kendra, Auroville, India. (ceramic group show)

“Delegate’s Master Show”, Verkehr Shimizu Museum, Shizoka, Japan.

“Himitsu Te Uso”, SCCP, Shigaraki, Japan. (solo ceramic show)

“Continental Drift”, Deloraine Gallery, Tasmania, Australia. (anagama/woodfired ceramic group show)

“Atmos-fire”, Artifakt Gallery, Australia. (international invitational group show)

“International Tea Pot Show”, Shanghai, China. (also in 2010, 2009 & 2008)

“Firebox”, anagama ceramics, group show, #1 Shanthiroad Gallery, Bangalore.

"Treasures", Gallery Time & Space, Bangalore. (Solo show, ceramics & painted media)
view the gallery »

"ICMEA Emerging Ceramic Artist Competition", Fuping, Shaanxi, China. (selected entry)

"10 Years of Wood-fire", Knighthood’s Assembly, Tallinn, Estonia.

"The White Rabbit", Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. (Solo show presented by the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust, ceramics & painted media) view the gallery »

“2nd Shanghai-Shenyao International Wood-kiln Exhibition”, Gallery Shenyao, Shanghai, China.

“5th World Ceramic Biennale 2009”, CEBIKO, Korea. (Selected entry)

“Small Objects-Fete Picasso Auction”, Vallauris, France

“Maati - Explorations in Terracotta”, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi (Delhi Blue Pottery      Trust’s international show)

"Mad Hatters Tea Party", ICIA Gallery, Bombay. (All India teapot show)

“International Ceramics”, Sanbao Ceramic Studio, Jingdezhen, China.

“Resonances”, Provence, France. (Auroville artists’ mixed media by Marie Claire Barsotti)

“Threshold”, Gallery Art & Soul, Bombay. (Solo, ceramics & painted media)   

"Miniatures", Artist Centre, Bombay. (Solo, ceramics & paintings)

“Harmony 2008”, Nehru Centre, Bombay. (Mixed media, All India Art shows hosted by Reliance Industries in 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008)

"Contemporary Ceramics Today", Lemongrasshopper Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.

"Masters Show, Clay Edge 2007", Cudgegong Gallery, Australia. (Invitational ceramic show)

"Stoneware", Hatworks Boulevard, Bangalore. (Solo show, ceramics)

"Mandala", Gallery 25, New Delhi. (Mandala Potters’ group show)

"Peace and Harmony", Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. (Delhi Blue Pottery Trust’s international biennale)

"Potters in Peril", National Gallery of Modern Art, Bombay. (Indo-US show)

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Selected Residencies / Workshops
Attended / Conducted

Hosted Laxma Goud at Mandala Pottery for two ceramic residencies.

Co-organised a soda firing workshop with Ruthanne Tudball in Auroville.
Attended anagama workshops at Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry, with Jack Troy, Jeff Shapiro, Peter Thompson, Betty Woodman, Sandy Brown, Mike Dodd, Jane Perryman & Jim Danisch.

Guest speaker at Stepping Up, International Ceramic Triennale in Canberra, Australia.

 Residency at Naori Eco-Art Festival, Naori, S. Korea.

 Residency at Gaya Ceramic Centre, Bali, Indonesia.

Organiser & invited artist, Fule International Ceramic Art Museum, Fuping, China.   Making works for the 1st Museum of Indian Ceramic Art in China.

“Not Only Elephants & Horses!!!”, a presentation of contemporary Indian ceramics at     “Subversive Clay”, Australian Ceramics Triennial, Adelaide, Australia.

“Fired Stacks”, demonstrated the building & firing the fired-house technique, Perth, Australia.

“The Road Less Taken”, an installation of 500 treasure boxes at the Hyatt Regency, Chennai. A part of the ceramic sculpture garden envisioned and curated by Rajeev Sethi and Ray Meeker.

Invited artist to International Ceramic Festival in Sasama, Japan.

Selected Artist-in-residence at Shigaraki Cultural Park, Japan.

International Wood-firing Ceramics Symposium, Kohila, Estonia.

Clay – Edge 2007, invitational ceramic event. Demonstrated the building and firing of a fire-stabilised mud-brick dome at Janet Mansfield’s residence in Gulgong, Australia.

  “Woodstoke 2001”, Paul Soldner, Rudy Autio, Tom Collins, Rodney Mott at Penryn, USA

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